Thursday, October 02, 2008

Click HERE to read DISRUPTION by Jorge Melícias (traslated from Portuguese by Brian Strang and Elisa Brasil).

A beautiful and disturbingly vivid work up now at Duration Press.

Jorge Melícias was born in 1970. He is the author of the following books: THOSE WHO LIGHT THE ROOFS (1996-1998), forthcoming; INITIATION TO REMORSE (2004, Cosmorama); THE LIGHT IN THE LUNGS (2000, Quasi); THE CIRCUMSCRIBED KING (2003, Quasi); INCUBUS (2004, Quasi); THE LONG BLASPHEMY (2006, Objecto Cardiaco). He has translated, among others, Baudelaire, Lautrémont, Saint-John Perse, António Gamoneda and Leopoldo Maria Panero. His poems have been translated into various languages, Spanish, English and Serbo-Croatian, and have been published in various reviews. He is a co-editor of Cosmorama.

I used Wordle to create the collage above from my preface.


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